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Effectual Hub Inventory Management Software Company in Pune

As an inventory management software company in Pune, we have been able to meet the requirement of the client. Having said that there could be circumstances where to customize this. Keeping in mind the quality that we provide is very efficient. So making the best for the client is the only motive that we provide. Finding the right solution to match your inventory management needs that we will major aspect we will be focusing on. Other than this we have been able to make every requirement fulfill so that it works in the best.

Our outlook as inventory management software company in Pune

To develop any process it is important to have a strong base that will help to grow. After looking at the challenges it becomes very important to make the use of technology. We offer inventory management software win customized as per the client s requirement. Even more, this is very helpful for the workforce to use it and can assist in day to day work. From a wider perspective, we may help regular use of inventory management software aid people to grow in the long run.

Basic Functions

  • Inventory management software for purchase unit

This product that we provide comprises of the functions that will be beneficial to be initiated by this department. First of all the designated person has to fill the predefined entries in the form. This is nothing but the registration of raw material. That person will get the opportunity to refill the production process in detail. One can view the history as well to check the further backdated entries.   

  • Inventory management software for inspection unit

It is very important to check the stock like other raw products etc. before sending it to the production process. Making things easy we have been able to get the keep one entry to return such goods that are defective.  Apart from that, we have kept one delete option to delete the respective raw material. So this part will be useful for the inspection team.

  • Inventory management software for the production unit

For further processing we need to the person needs to enter the composition once. This is the parameter to make one unit. After that, if the production team can enter the number of quantity automatically, the calculation for further deduction takes place. Automatically it gets reduced from respective particular product composition. We can also book the inventory in advance as the order is placed.

  • Inventory management software for dispatch unit

We also have provision for dispatch wherein one can make an entry if it. Even more, we have also made the provision that even if the clients sell the raw material directly they can make an entry of it. This is the optional part as we said that it is a customized software.

Other general features

  • Generate reports like sales, raw products, other inventory and finished products.
  • Separate Vendor List 
  • Edit quantity in the purchase unit if it is entered wrongly.
  • User-friendly software.

Special features

  • Pop Up once the product has received the minimum level so that you can refill it.
  • Reminder on Machine maintenance on the pre-decided date.


That’s not all we as an inventory management software company in Pune would like to conclude saying that it can be customized. That’s not all we have a strong recommendation from our side of having one as this will help to manage your stock. This will help to keep you up to date and continue the manufacturing process.