Inventory Management Software Company in Mumbai

Effectual Hub Inventory Management Software Company in Mumbai

As an inventory management software company in Mumbai, we have been delivering what the clients want. Even more, we specialize in providing customized solutions. Our way of working is very simple so that we can meet the required objectives and to do this we are consistent enough to make every project a great success. Our motive is to provide what clients want at the best price and not that much but to deliver the quality in this. So that it can be fruitful in the long run and carry manufacturing work very smoothly.

The challenges that our client’s faces that cause a problem in the growth of the company. But technology can help them to come up with new opportunities that can set them back to work. Even more, there are many such instances that can show how it could be beneficial.  Following them in the right manner will help to overcome every challenge if done in the correct direction. Keeping such things in mind we try to develop such customized inventory management software that will help them to come out of these situations.

Basic features that we provide as an inventory management software company in Mumbai

  1. Inventory management software for purchase and inspection department
  • Raw Material Product Registration
  • Intermediate Product Registration.
  • Proper Form Filling 
  • Editable Functions 
  • Ability to make modify the stock level
  • Facility to check the history of the entries made 
  • Put goods return entry to show defective products have been sent back
  • Option to delete the product 
  • Register the vendor list 
  • Generate Reports 
  • Inventory management software for the production unit
  • The set formula of a product 
  • Enter finished product units 
  • Refill the registered items
  • Remove the processed goods  
  • Edit it
  • Develop reports of total finished products


  • Inventory management software for dispatch unit 
  • Sell raw product directly to the customer
  •  Facility to make alterations 
  • Produce dispatch reports
  • User-Friendly Software 

Exclusive functions in this inventory management software 

  • Reminder to refill the product like raw material intermediate products 
  • Indication before the date of maintenance of machinery arises

Finally, we conclude by saying that as an inventory management software company in Mumbai, we will give our best to provide you with customized solutions. This is help to run your production activity run smoothly and help to save time as well as efforts. That’s not all we will also try to provide you with advanced features so that it can be helpful in the long run.